Four weeks of disaster in Anhalt-Bitterfeld: small steps

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One month after the cyber attack on the district administration of Anhalt-Bitterfeld, the district is taking small steps towards normality. From the point of view of the administration, priority services and solvency are now ensured, said a spokesman. It would take at least another four to five weeks for all employees to be able to work with a new IT system. Every single computer must be “flattened” – then the applications would have to be reloaded. The district has about 900 employees and, according to the information, more than 1000 PCs and laptops.

Since Tuesday, motor vehicles can be registered again in Köthen, but according to the information this works only thanks to a temporary solution. Admission to all other offices is therefore still not possible. According to the information, other areas have been outsourced. “Our health department is active in Dessau, for example,” said the spokesman.

Many services could currently not be implemented with an interim solution. “Everything is important, but we have to act with priority. And the new infrastructure has priority,” the spokesman continued.

On July 6, servers in the district were infected with malware from an initially unknown source. As a result, files were encrypted. After a monetary payment, the data should be released again, but the county declined to pay a ransom. On July 9th, he declared a disaster in order to be able to react more quickly to the situation.


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