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Four workstation graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia with the latest technology in the test

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Many users of graphics workstations crave more and more performance, be it for rendering, for the visualization of enormous amounts of data or the fluid display of ultra-complex construction models. The new generation of professional graphics cards is now supposed to satisfy this hunger. For this, the manufacturers AMD and Nvidia drive their respective latest architecture expansion stages, which are also used in the high-end graphics cards for gamers. But when it comes to workstations, other virtues count in addition to pure performance.

We asked four cards, from the AMD Radeon Pro W6600, which is comparatively cheap at 900 euros, to the Nvidia RTX A5000, which costs 2500 euros, to the test laboratory at the end of August 2021 and put their calculators to the test – and no, no “Quadro” is missing in front of the RTX A5000, because Nvidia no longer uses this brand for its current generation. In addition to the above, there is AMD’s current top model, the Radeon Pro W6800 with the thickest memory pad in the test, as well as Nvidia’s Quadro RTX 5000 from the previous generation. The Nvidia cards are sold in Europe by the manufacturer PNY, who also provides hardware support.

Graphics cards for workstation use differ from their gaming counterparts not only in some external details and equipment, but especially in the driver functions. However, in principle the same graphics chips are soldered onto them as the gamer cards, so that the micro-architecture is the same. However, Nvidia’s Quadro and RTX-A cards can take full advantage of their tensor cores.

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