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Fox Worried About Bones in “Bones”

After conducting extensive research, the “Bones” team successfully garnered support from FOX. “A significant challenge for forensic anthropologists is frequently dealing with highly compromised human remains,” observed Josephson. “This character needed a compelling reason to exist, and it’s because she’s almost like a magician.”

Indeed, for a glimpse of real-life wizardry, one only needs to watch an actual forensic anthropologist like Reichs, who directly inspired the character of Bones. These professionals can deduce a wealth of information from minimal bone fragments. “Sometimes she might be wrong, but usually, she’s right,” Josephson continued. “Her science is excellent: it allows her to infer details from the fragments of evidence available to her.”

As the “Bones” creatives delved deeper into their research, they realized the show would inevitably include some grisly moments. “Frequently, the bones would be found in less than ideal conditions, such as in a tub or during the exhumation of a decayed body,” Josephson elaborated. “We informed the studio that while it wouldn’t be a horror show, certain scenes might be difficult to watch. We’d strive to present these moments as best as we could.”

The romantic-comedy dynamic between Bones and Booth, which emerged during the filming of the “Bones” pilot, served as an excellent counterbalance to the gruesome challenges they faced professionally. Additionally, the show’s quirky, weekly cases often required the main characters to adopt various disguises, from cowboys to bowlers to underground fighters, effectively lightening the overall atmosphere.

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