Foxit PDF Reader and Editor: Updates eliminate numerous vulnerabilities

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Users of Foxit PDF Reader (formerly Foxit Reader) or Foxit PDF Editor (Foxit PhantomPDF) should update to version 11.0.1 if they have not already done so. The Foxit team has eliminated numerous vulnerabilities in both the Windows and macOS versions of the software, some of which can be exploited remotely without authentication. According to their discoverers, several vulnerabilities pose a high security risk.

According to several advisories from researchers at the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), the Windows versions of the Foxit software in particular offer a number of similar points of attack for remote code execution (e.g. via CVE-2021-34848, CVSS-Score 7.8/High). Successful RCE attacks of this type, however, require user interaction in the form of visiting a malicious website or opening a prepared document.

the Foxit Security Bulletins other security risks include unauthorized access to sensitive information as well as various ways to crash Windows and macOS versions of the software using vulnerabilities.

According to the Foxit team, they are vulnerable

  • Foxit PDF Reader for Windows up to and including version
  • Foxit PDF Editor for Windows up to and including version /
  • Foxit PDF Reader/Editor Mac up to and including version

The available update to version 11.0.1 can be carried out from the software via the “Help” tab (“Check for Updates”). For new installations, the new versions on the Foxit Software website ready.


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