France launches a health pass as a requirement to attend cultural and entertainment sites

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In France, people who wish to attend public places such as cinemas, museums, sporting events and other cultural sites, must have a health pass, a document to show that the holder is already vaccinated against covid-19 or has proof recent negative. The system was launched this Wednesday by a decree of the Executive in the middle of the fourth wave of coronavirus that crosses the country, informs France 24.

This certificate will be necessary to attend all events with a capacity of more than 50 people. Likewise, the Government will fine 1,500 euros to companies that do not comply with the corresponding revision of the certificate to their clients. Meanwhile, the entities that repeat the offense will be sanctioned with higher amounts.

The system is expected to be applied in August in restaurants, cafeterias, shopping centers, as well as in airplanes and trains for long-distance travel. However, the extension of the measure will take place when the French Parliament give the green light to the initiative, taking into account that it was issued as a government decree.

In addition, professionals in the health sector and workers in nursing homes for the elderly must be vaccinated against covid-19 from September in order to continue working and receive their salary.

As for masks, their use will again be mandatory outdoors in the Charente-Maritime and Pyrenees-Orientales department, regions in which the health situation has worsened.

Criticisms and protests

The measures imposed have already sparked criticism from French politicians. Some legislators from the Republican Party of President Emmanuel Macron have even opposed it. “The protection of public health has been our priority since March 2020, but it has not threatened the cohesion of our country because the rules were the same for everyone. Health it will fracture to our country, “said Pacome Rupin, one of the members of said political force.

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For his part, Jordan Bardella, vice president of Agrupación Nacional (far right), attacked the health pass, considering that it represents “a surveillance model “.

Last Saturday, around 114,000 people took to the streets of the country to protest against the new sanitary measures.

Meanwhile, the European nation counted 18,000 infected by coronavirus on Tuesday, which represents 150% more infections in a week. Meanwhile, 53% of the adult population already He has completed your immunization course, along with 70.9% who have at least one dose of an anticovide component.

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