France offers 1500 euros to those who change the car for the electric bicycle

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The climate change it is becoming more and more present in the cities of the world and some of them have already taken measures to reduce gases and therefore the greenhouse effect with its serious consequences for the planet and humanity.

An example of this is France that promulgated a law through which the government of Emmanuel Macron delivers 1,500 euros, that is, almost 200 thousand Argentine pesos, to those who wish to exchange a polluting vehicle for an electric bicycle to move around the city during their daily activities. For this reason, it will now be fashionable to get to work, to a friend’s or to an appointment in sustainable transport.

On the other hand, the regulations include citizens who do not have cars to trade. They will be given a voucher of 1,000 euros so that they can buy their first bikes electric. This type of benefit can be accessed by individuals, professionals, associations, or communities that formulate clean alternatives adapted to urban transport modes.

The importance of sustainable transport in big cities

The ministers of Economy and Transport of the French government issued a statement in which they explained: “To promote the use of the electric bicycle As an alternative to the individual vehicle and favoring the move towards sustainable transport, especially in urban areas and its periphery, the Climate Law extends the premium to the conversion for the purchase of an electric assistance bicycle or an electric cargo bicycle in exchange for the delivery of a polluting car or truck for scrapping ”.

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Complementary actions to reduce the emission of gases towards our Ozone layer

This Law has other complementary points to protect the environment such as the prohibition of commercial flights for those short trips that can be made by train with an average duration of two hours and with many daily frequencies.

Besides that France It should ban the advertising of fossil fuels and, in the long term, from 2028 on, that of the most polluting vehicles. From the year 2025, not so far from today, the use of polystyrene for its sole use will be prohibited.

Those who break the law will be charged under the name of “ecocide” and may risk penalties of up to 10 years in prison and high fines that reach 4.5 million euros. It only remains to analyze the behavior of society in the face of this new and avant-garde regulation.

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