France prepares a new cap on the price of electricity for 2023

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 The French Minister for Energy Transition, Agnés Pannier-Runacher, said today that the Government is working on a new cap on the rise in the price of electricity for all consumers in 2023 -in 2022 the maximum It has been 4%-, although it did not give clues about the new fork.

“The Government has taken its responsibilities to cushion the rise in the price of electricity, without the mechanism that we put in place the rise would not have been 4% but 40%. Our initiative will be the same next year (2023)”, he noted in an interview to RTL radio (H: RRTL ).

Pannier-Runacher indicated that “in the next few days” there will be news about the new cap and that this measure will be done in concert with the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, and the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne.

The minister pointed out, however, that this price limit will be compensated with new income to maintain the 2023 deficit target of 5% of GDP.

Likewise, he spoke of the nearly half of the 56 French nuclear reactors that are currently not operational for maintenance reasons, and he hoped that most will reopen so that there is no lack of electricity in the coming winter.

“Every week we meet with EDF (EPA: EDF ) (the power plant operator) to find out if there has been any progress,” he said.

At the European level, Pannier-Runacher announced that the EC is working to present proposals to member states, including a tax on energy and a cap on the cost of gas.

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“We are in favor of asking the producers for a contribution because for the majority their production costs have practically not changed, but at the price they sell it, which has skyrocketed,” explained the minister, who did not go into more detail about how practice that possible tribute.

Regarding the controversy over the most polluting trips by plane for professional soccer players – the PSG coach joked about going in a sailing cart – Pannier-Runacher said that the Government is preparing a plan for elite athletes to save emissions in a 10% during your trips, opting for cleaner means such as the train.

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