France Prohibits TikTok Usage on Government Mobile Devices in New Directive

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It is difficult to find a mobile in which TikTok is not installed. The app has a lot of followers who are aware of all the content that is published, but what many doubt is the transparency of the firm.

The fact is that in many countries very drastic decisions are being made with it and one of the last has been France where its use in government devices has been prohibited. Why can’t French politicians use recreational apps on their official mobile? The thing is serious, so much so that it has been put in writing in an official press release.

It turns out that the Minister of Transformation and Public Services, Stanislas Guerini, has been the one who has prepared this text in which he makes it very clear what kind of applications are those that they do not want to be on official phones. Sure, TikTok is one of them as it is one of the most used for entertainment, but the letter says that “after an analysis of what is at stake, particularly security, the government has decided to prohibit from now on the download and installation of recreational applications on professional phones provided to public agents”.

This group includes all the social media apps and games that can be downloaded to a mobile device, from the famous Candy Crush to Twitter and TikTok.

Security Concerns

What seems to be very clear is why, where there is a paragraph in which it can be read that these apps “do not have a sufficient level of cybersecurity and data protection to be implemented in government equipment. Therefore, these applications can represent a risk to data protection”.

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France joins the countries where you cannot use TikTok if you are a politician In a way, TikTok can rest assured that the blockade has not been exclusively for her.

The new rule imposed by the French government is implacable with all of them, although there seems to be an exception and that is that you can do it if you need to install an app to make content and make ads, where social networks would be allowed.

International Restrictions on TikTok

However, on a general level, it seems like a powerful restriction that has little to envy to those imposed by the United States, Canada and Europe itself in their official organizations regarding TikTok.

The app is facing international scrutiny over data privacy and security concerns. As governments continue to investigate, it remains to be seen how TikTok will respond and adapt to these restrictions.

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