France said goodbye to Jean-Paul Belmondo with an emotional ceremony

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On France a group of soldiers paraded with the coffin of Jean-Paul Belmondo at Court of Honor of the Invalides, the same place where the tomb of Napoleon bonaparte, with the aim that his loved ones and his fans had the possibility of saying goodbye to the actor who paid tribute to his country internationally and who died at the age of 88. The ceremony was led by the president of the country, Emmanuel Macron.

With the music of Chi Mai in the background, the group that musicalized The Professional, the Funeral, as reported Intranews, took place today. One of his colleagues and friend, Jean Dujardin, dedicated a few heartfelt words to him. «I don’t know if you saw it, but the sun had disappeared when Jean-Paul left. He was the smile of France. He is like a medicine, “he said.

Something very particular happened. When the coffin, which carried the flag of France, arrived, the storm that stalked the place, left. Although it was a farewell in which memories and tears prevailed, that fact provoked laughter from those present, who said “as he would have wanted”. In this context, the president of the European nation remembered the actor with some emotional words.

«Jean-Paul Belmondo belonged to the family. He married France. He was the friend that everyone would like to have to remake the world, and the child that all parents would like to have “, he assured and stressed:” The exemplary father who, to raise his children, did not hesitate to refuse a shoot. Belmondo is tenderness«. Therefore, he asserted: “To lose you today is to lose a great actor. Goodbye Bébel. Live la Republique! Live la France! »

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For his part, one of his grandsons said: «From where he is, he is happy to see the love of the French. He who loved them so much. He is and will remain a sun. Wherever he is, I am sure he will continue to smile “and remarked:” Thank you for giving us so much joy, for sharing your positivity so much. We love you”. Finally, he quoted a phrase from his grandfather, who said: “I try to improve with each role, to really become a great actor, not just a myth.”

Who was Jean-Paul Belmondo?

The actor known by the nickname of Bébel, put by his colleagues at the Conservatory of Arts in honor of Pépel, a character from Jean Gabin, an actor that everyone admired and wanted to copy. Gabin established himself as a benchmark for the «Nouvelle Vague», a movement that was born in the late 1950s, thanks to filmmakers such as Jean-Luc Godard.


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