France weighs whether to grant more autonomy to Guadeloupe after riots over anticovid restrictions

Francia sopesa si conceder más autonomía a Guadalupe tras los disturbios por las restricciones anticovid

The French authorities are considering the possibility of granting more autonomy to their overseas department of Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean Sea, following the outbreak of recent unrest over restrictions imposed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Some officials have raised the issue of autonomy. According to them, Guadalupe could better manage itself. The Government is willing to talk about it“, he claimed this Friday the Minister of Overseas Sebastien Lecornu.

Meanwhile, the current president of the National Association, Marine Le Pen, criticized the initiative, which she called “attempt to buy the radical independentistas”. “This is not what Guadeloupeans expect. They expect the State to protect and respect them and offer them prospects for the future,” wrote the policy on your Twitter account.

The protests, which in recent weeks shook Guadeloupe and nearby Martinique island, were unleashed as a result of the imposition of compulsory vaccination to employees in the health sector and the introduction of the health pass throughout the country to enter public places. The document can be obtained in three ways: after vaccination, with a negative test or if the person has recently recovered from the disease.

In his message, Lecornu condemned the looting of the protesters, as well as the barricades erected on the roads that block traffic. However, the minister acknowledged that the disorders are also linked to “structural problems“.

On the other hand, the discontent and mistrust generated by the government’s vaccination policies have been exacerbated by the use of a toxic pesticide called chlordecone, it details AP. This substance, which is banned in mainland France, is linked to high levels of breast and prostate cancers in the French Caribbean territory.

Meanwhile, the French Ministry of Health He decided postpone until December 31 the mandatory vaccination period for health personnel in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

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