Freddie Highmore: who is the wife of the actor from “The Good Doctor”

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The protagonist of the acclaimed medical series “The Good Doctor“Freddie Highmore revealed in a recent interview for the Jimmy Kimmel show that not long ago he married a young woman outside the artistic milieu that surrounds him. Without giving many details, the actor said he was happily married and talked about how this important event came about.

In fiction, the newlywed plays the Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism who works in San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. This series premiered in 2017, through ABC, with the story of the brilliant doctor who had just obtained his bachelor’s degree and who had the Savant Syndrome, during season number one.

The plot that revolves around the doctors in the fictional hospital has managed to accumulate millions of viewers around the world due to the fact that they also show the personal battles of each medical staff. In the following lines learn more details of the marriage in real life of the protagonist.

Due to not having social networks and maintaining a private profile, the viewers of the medical drama and even the press thought that the actor Freddie Highmore He was single, as he had not been recently caught in the company of a couple. For this reason, great was the surprise when they heard the actor’s statements on the show Jimmy Kimmel, where he confirmed to be married.

“Yes, it is a wedding ring. Yes, i got married. It’s funny, because ever since I’ve been wearing this ring, people keep asking me if I’m married, so I thought I should clarify it. “ Highmore responded to the host’s question.

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Although he is now married, the British star said that neither he nor his wife likes to use the label of “husbands”, as they find it somewhat suffocating: “It sounds very possessive to me. We don’t really use marriage terminology yet; We just point to the rings and say, ‘Look, draw your own conclusions.’

Although his identity is not known, the actor claims to be married to a wonderful woman who makes him very happy. The only thing that is known about the female is that she is also originally from the United Kingdom, but it is unknown if she is a celebrity or if she stays out of the recording sets. The truth is that the question does not seem to be resolved in a short time.

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