“Frederik Oldenburg’s Heartwarming Response to Sizzling Dance with Carmen Villalobos”

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Carmen Villalobos and Frederik Oldenburg Strengthen Their Relationship

There is no denying that the love between Carmen Villalobos and Frederik Oldenburg is growing stronger with each passing day, and their love messages on social media attest to this fact. Recently, the couple shared a rather steamy moment on Instagram. In the video, which has garnished over 10 million views and thousands of comments, Carmen and Frederik dance to DJ Luli Torres’ “Rush”. The clip ends with a passionate kiss that could easily be mistaken for a soap opera kiss.

The Video Goes Viral

Their video quickly gained popularity among their followers, so much so that it was shown again during a recent episode of Today. Upon watching it, the host Andrea Meza exclaimed, “What a hot video!” Frederik, on the other hand, tried to cover the giant screen out of shyness when Chiki Bom Bom asked him to jump.

The Story Behind the Video

When questioned about their steamy clip, Frederik revealed that it was a spontaneous moment. “We were just hanging out, sharing the day, when she suggested we record something,” he said. He went on to say that they had not initially intended to record the video. The music began playing, and they spontaneously started dancing. After the kiss, Frederik ran away as he did not want to be seen.

The Beginning of Carmen and Frederik’s Love Story

Their relationship was confirmed in March 2022, when the 39-year-old Colombian actress posted a message on her social media. “Today is the most important day since we started dating. How did everything happen? Only YOU AND I know this story,” she wrote. From what we can see, Carmen and Frederik’s love story seems to be blossoming day by day, and we can expect to see more of their cute moments on social media.

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