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“Rushear” is a fairly common tactic used by players in Free Fire. It’s a great strategy they can implement to dominate an enemy’s position or force opponents back.

When properly implemented, squads can easily take out the enemy team and score points in ranked matches. However, not all players execute this tactic correctly and end up making several mistakes.

Not having a plan

One of the worst mistakes players can make when rushing another squad in Free Fire is doing it without a plan. Simply rushing in with all weapons on won’t be enough to overpower enemies.

Players should always have a plan of attack while rushing. Each teammate must know what their respective role is and execute it to the best of their ability. Only if planned in advance will the race be successful.

Rushear uphill

Having high ground in Free Fire grants players numerous benefits. They can see further, have better shooting angles, and turn easily if things are going south.

Avoid rushing opponents who have a great advantage on the field. Squads that often attempt this task are caught in gunfire and easily eliminated.

Rushear without the proper loot

Ranked matches in Free Fire can get quite intense at first. Squads land in hot drop zones, and within seconds, bullets begin to fly. For the most part, aggressive teams take the lead and start rushing elsewhere.

While executing this tactic early in the game may work, it is a precarious maneuver that can end in disaster. If the opposing team manages to take a solid defensive position, the team that rushes in will be countered and annihilated.

Do not use grenades or other throwables

During a run, simply knocking over, suppressing fire, or shooting targets while pushing will not be enough. Users should use all the offensive tools available at their disposal to improve the chances of the race being successful.

One of the best offensive tools in Free Fire is the humble grenade. While this thrown item may not be versatile, it can do a lot of damage to enemies if used correctly.

Offensive characters must be the first to attack

While tactics and planning are very helpful in a squad race, sometimes sheer brute force is also needed. This is where characters with offensive abilities in Free Fire shine the most.

During a rush, aggressive characters should be in the front line, followed by supports or healers. This ensures that offensive skills will be used to the fullest, making the run easier.

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