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Free Fire: mistakes to avoid in the most intense shootings – MRT

Gunfights in Free Fire can get intense. With the bullets flying and the skills being used, players must keep their heads on their shoulders and make tactical decisions to stay on top of things.

However, this is not the case in most shootouts, as players often shoot aimlessly in hopes of hitting their opponents. Let’s see some mistakes that you should avoid.

Using the wrong weapon during the shooting

One of the main mistakes Free Fire players make during a heavy firefight is using the wrong weapon. Depending on the distance at which the bullet exchange takes place, having the right weapon is vital to winning the confrontation.

For example, while an SMG will be able to do mid-range damage, players using an AR are more likely to get deadly headshots. Suffice it to say that choosing the right weapon for your shooting is very important.

Lack of coordination when playing as a squad

When playing as a squad in Free Fire, coordination during a firefight is key. Players must know their role and the best way to use their character’s skill in combat. In most cases, the entire team rushes to use brute force and ends up getting knocked out as a result.

Shoot from unfavorable angles

Like the way players need to get favorable angles while shooting long distances, the same is an important requirement during heavy firefight. Having the correct angles to shoot will make a huge difference in combat as players will be able to take accurate shots easily.

Not putting yourself in a good defensive position

Players must understand that fighting in the open field is not a favorable tactical decision. At the beginning of the firefight, a natural hard cover must be found or balloon walls must be placed to obtain adequate cover from the incoming fire.

This is vital to the success of the shootout, as players will have the opportunity to heal themselves and make tactical decisions about what to do next.

Do not use tactical elements

During intense firefights in Free Fire, the use of tactical elements is essential. Simply relying on shooting and skills is not enough. Players must use throwable items like grenades and utility items like smoke walls and balloons to gain the upper hand in combat.

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