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Free Fire: the most underrated places to land on the map – MRT

There are a total of four maps that players can choose from in Free Fire: Kalahari, Purgatory, Bermuda, and Bermuda Remastered. Each of these offers a distinct landscape for players to explore and fight to secure a Booyah.

While there are popular landing spots on all of these Free Fire maps, there are a few that go unnoticed. Although these drop locations may not be the best in the game, they are good for solo players and those who enjoy a passive playstyle during early game.

Equator (Bermudas)

Katulistiwa is one of Free Fire’s most underrated landing spots. Most players are unaware that it exists and only land here by chance rather than intentionally. However, the location offers some great loot and players can easily rotate to greener pastures once they are fully prepared.

The Mill (Bermuda)

The Mill is an excellent landing site in Free Fire. While it looks small on the map, it offers a lot of loot and protection early in the match. It has some structures to take cover, good rotation routes, and a lack of enemies. It’s unclear why it has become an underrated landing spot in the game.

Mt. Villa (Purgatory)

Unlike Peak, Mt. Villa is a relatively safe landing zone. Because it’s located on the edge of the map, you see very little action during most matches. Players can land here and take their time looting and preparing without fear of getting shot.

Crossroads (Purgatory)

Crossroads is a safe landing place for new players and offers decent loot. What makes this location great is the fact that it is on the southwestern edge of the map. Most players tend to avoid it because it is far from the center. However, those who are adept at rotation can easily land here and move on after the looting.

Santa Catarina (Kalahari)

Santa Catarina is a great place to land Free Fire players. It is located on the eastern edge of the Kalahari map and features a galleon from bygone eras. With many rotation options and a lack of enemies, players can take time and secure loot here without worry.

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