Free Fire tips to survive the last zone of the game

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Free Fire tips to survive the last zone of the game

Surviving the last zone in Free Fire can be a tricky business. The safe zone is small and within this area, players must survive and eliminate enemies to be the last man / squad standing.

Getting kills in the last zone requires efficient strategy and proper execution. Players also require certain items that are necessary to perform major eliminations. Let’s see five tips that you should take into account for better performance.

FREE FIRE | Tips to win in the last phase

Combat is inevitable, so you will need some good weapons. A common mistake players make is bringing a sniper into the last zone of Free Fire. Players should note that snipers are not beneficial here as the area of ​​the zone is small. Assault rifles or submachine guns are best for their significant damage and rate of fire. The shotgun is also an option.

If you can survive the firefights, you will need a good amount of medkits and consumables to continue in the battle.

As the combat zone is small, the area damage of the grenades has devastating effects on the opponents. Grenades can also be used to expose enemy positions.

In the later stages of the game, players must focus on a suitable position. The buildings serve as a shelter and you can get a certain advantage if you are in an elevated area, where you can detect opponents more easily.

Lastly, players must tune their weapons with the items available in Free Fire. Although the suppressor reduces the noise produced during the shot, the compensator helps to obtain a better dispersion of ammunition. Players should also place extended magazines, as it increases the ammo capacity of weapons, and use the proper scope for more accurate aim.

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