Free Fire Update June 2021 | Revolution Patch Notes: All Changes

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Free Fire Update June 2021 |  Revolution Patch Notes: All Changes

It’s time for the June update. Free Fire, the video game free-to-play (free but with microtransactions) for mobile devices iOS and Android The patch has already been received, and it has been done after a maintenance period to accommodate all these developments. Garena’s battle royale brings us new characters, weapons, new training grounds, new Rank for Squad Duels and much more.

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Free Fire can be downloaded for free Through the App Store (if you have an iPhone or iPad) or Google Play on terminals with Android operating system. Here are the full patch notes:

Squads Duel – Ranked

Season 7

  • As of June 9
  • 11:00 ESP | 4:00 MX | 5:00 CL | 6:00 ARG
  • “Squad Showdown – Season 7 Qualifier is here! Rank up to Gold III or higher to receive the exclusive reward: The Gold M1014!
  • We also added a new rank: “Grandmaster” in Squad Duel. Challenge yourself to be among the top 1,000 heroic players to earn the Grandmaster medal! “

New Ranked Season Available June 9

New Rank – The top 1,000 Heroic Players will now be upgraded to “Grandmaster”.

  • Grandmaster I – Top 1 ~ 100 Players
  • Grandmaster II – Top 101 ~ 300 Players
  • Grandmaster III – Top 301 ~ 1000 Players

Battle Royale

Vending machine

  • Buying and loot limit adjustment
  • “We added more items to the vending machine so that it has enough to support needs in battle. We also added personal purchase limits on some of the more valuable consumables and items to prevent players from raking in late-game profits.”
  • Added Ammo and Armor Repair Kit in Vending Machine
  • Increased purchase limit on some items
  • Optimized loot on the ground so that the vending machine does not pass

Resurrection Points

Difficulty setting

  • “Reviving teammates through Resurrection Points was not as challenging as we expected. We rethink the difficulty of capturing Resurrection Points to make sure that reviving in Battle Royale is not as easy.”
  • Time to capture Resurrection Point: 14s -> 33s
  • Resurrection Point Cooldown: 150s -> 180s
  • Resurrection Points per game: 9 -> 8

Qualifying Points Adjustment

Rank Points

  • “Since we introduced the Resurrection System in Ranked mode, we realized that the difficulty of obtaining rank points became significantly more difficult as opponents now have the opportunity to return to the battlefield. In this patch, we increased the total rank points to ensure the overall difficulty in ranking is slightly lower than before. “
  • Increase in total rank points for each game at all ranks.

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