Free Fire x Street Fighter event; date, trailer, Chun-Li and Ryu skins, special weapons and more

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Free Fire outlines the contents of their special collaboration with Street Fighter. The universe of Capcom It will merge in various ways with the popular battle royale, both with cosmetics and themed playable elements. Two iconic video game characters arrive to survive in the garena battlefields. You can see its main contents in its official trailer, located at the top of this piece.

Free Fighter: everything you need to know

Chun-Li y Ryu are the faces chosen to move to Free Fire. With its cosmetic packages you can dress your character in the same outfit that they use in Street Fighter, in addition to other objects. Specifically, the first is accompanied by an MP5 Spinning Bird, with the fighter’s blue colors, as well as a personalized Gloo wall.

The event Free FighterAs Garena calls it, it will begin on July 10, 2021. You will know that it has started when you see that the main menu has changed to the title images. The aircraft, plane and supply crates will wear the Street Fighter V logos, and you will receive a bonus in the rendezvous point game.

Together with them it is hoped that you can receive other rewards attached to the promotion. As you can see in its reveal video, you can change the image of the car, the parachute, the flying board and the Gloo wall according to the theme of this collaboration. Just for logging in you will receive a special backpack that will change design as you level up.

Finally, you have the opportunity to exchange the coins of the daily challenges for spins on the special punching bag, which will earn you tickets that exchange for gems.

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