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Free G Suite Accounts will Become Paid Starting in July

Free G Suite Accounts will ecome paid starting in July

Google says the free offer is over for early adopters of the company’s custom domain G Suite service. Google has long offered the ability to use its apps on a custom domain, allowing you to have a Google email address that ends in your domain instead of “”

For the first six years of the service’s life, the basic level allowed you to create a custom domain account for free. However, you must now pay for the privilege of using a custom domain with a Google account, according to Ars Technica.

So, Google disabled the ability to create these accounts for free in 2012, but it wouldn’t remove the accounts of existing users, right?

Yes, I would. The company will remove G Suite accounts for free if the owner doesn’t transition to a paid account.

According to 9to5Google, the company is sending an email to its customers informing them that those users who still have a plan of the “free legacy edition of G Suite”, will have to pay for Google Workspace from July 1. Those affected will be able to begin the transition from May 1, as indicated in the e-mail, and will have the possibility to choose which plan best suits what they need. In the event that they do not activate a subscription manually, Google will apply one of the plans automatically.

Also, after 60 days, those accounts will lose access to Google’s “nuclear” services, such as Gmail or the calendar.

The service will start at a fee of $6 per user per month, with higher levels available for those who want more space.

If you’re unsure about the status of your Google business account, you can head to the “Billing” page of If you see a message about being in a “G Suite legacy” account, you can expect an email soon detailing how you’ll be impacted by the change.

Google will also offer a discount for 12 months to all those customers who have a free G Suite plan and will pay to use the features focused on companies, organizations, and students.

Regarding the functions, Workspace maintains the features of G Suite, such as the ability to apply a custom domain. Google, however, notes that additional features are added to the payment plan. Among them, more storage, 24-hour support, and greater security.

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