Free games for this weekend: Far Cry 5, A Plague Tale Innocence, Minit and more

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The well-deserved rest is here and, if you are not one of those who are still enjoying the holidays (or have already had them, our condolences in that case), you will want to enjoy your free time without spending a lot of money. That is why we make our selection by the best free games this weekend, so you can enjoy various options without spending any money.

The best free games for this weekend

This weekend comes with many new features, adding the possibility that you have access to the closed beta of Back 4 Blood (take a look too). But big names like Far Cry 5 or A Plague Tale: Innocence cannot be missed, especially if we can enjoy them at no cost. These are the best free games of this weekend:

  • Far Cry 5 (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S). As we explained this week, it’s time to enjoy Far Cry 5 in a fairly long weekend. On all platforms where the game is available, you can play whatever you want until next Monday to the last installment of the franchise. Ideal to prepare for the arrival of Far Cry 6.
  • A Plague Tale: Innocence (PC). One of the best indie games of recent years, A Plague Tale: Innocence, is on this week’s Epic Games Store list of free games. Download it through the digital store and keep it forever.
  • Minit (PC). Along with A Plague Tale: Innocence we have Minit as the free game of the week de Epic Games Store. And be careful with this one and don’t be confused by its appearance: it is also one of the great independent games of recent years and its original bet will not leave you indifferent. If you can, give it a try, really.
  • Unturned (PC, Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S). As part of Microsoft’s Free Play Days promotion, if you have an Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold subscription you can enjoy Unturned, a survival game against zombies with a Minecraft look.
  • Bee Simulator (PC, Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S). Also as part of the Free Play Days we can enjoy Bee Simulator, which, as its name suggests, will allow us to become a bee. Do everything this bug would do, but within the screen.
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And these are the free games this weekend that we recommend. Have you already decided with whom you are going to spend your leisure hours?

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