Free Guy busts the box office but the Delta variant can play a trick on him

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After a long time of procrastination, Free Guy landed in theaters of the world last weekend and quickly proved what he speculated. Some specialists spoke of a premiere that could hit 20 million dollars in collection only in the United States. The first four days gave a very auspicious box office to the film that leads Ryan Reynolds.

Free Guy made $ 28 million in the United States alone. More than 4,100 theaters screened this new film that mixes the humor of Ryan Reynolds with an increasingly popular culture, the gamer. The film focuses on the life of Guy, a minor character in the video game Free City that begins to develop his free will when crossing with Molotov Girl, the user of Millie (Jodie Comer).

If you add the rooms that screened Free Guy abroad, the proceeds amount to 51 million dollars. Not bad for a first weekend of a production that cost close to 100 million dollars.

The chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Lil Rel Howery works very well in the film. (IMDb)

The problem appears to be the context of the pandemic in which the Delta variant presented itself as a new headache. Theaters have not yet managed to raise the call, both due to the number of people who decide to go to the movies and because of the reduction in capacity to respect social distancing. In addition, there are cities such as New York and San Francisco that are considering requesting vaccination certificates in order to access the functions.

There is a sequel on the way to Free Guy

On its first opening weekend, Free Guy received very positive reviews that encouraged 20th Century Studios to think about expanding this universe. The person in charge of telling the news was Ryan Reynolds through a tweet in which he highlighted the “irony” that his film had a second part.

It is that, one of the central axes of the film of Shawn Levy it was his original idea and criticism of a system in which everything is thought of as a franchise. The character of Taika Waititi, Antwan is an entrepreneur who owns the company that developed Free City that he is willing to replicate the same formula over and over again in order to sell more copies of his game.

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