Free Guy: what the true ending looked like and why it was changed

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Free Guy had its grand premiere this past weekend, raising some $ 50 million dollars worldwide, a figure higher than imagined, so it is already considered a success. The film suffered several delays in its release date due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but also the creative team decided to change the ending as they found themselves in the middle of a special situation. Why did they do it?

This tape revolves around Guy, played by Ryan Reynolds, a bank teller who lives happily, but everything changes when he discovers that he is actually a character within an open world video game, so he will join Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer) to face the villains who threaten them. What’s more, it’s a celebration of pop culture with references and fun cameos.

The production ran into a dilemma in the middle of filming, as Disney was finalizing the purchase of Fox, something that favored them and they were able to take advantage of it. As commented by Shawn Levy, director of the film, one of the final scenes showed Guy confronting his gypsy doppelganger, Dude, with a wink at Deadpool by using a Cable gun., but, as the public saw, it was not done this way.

What we see in the movie is that Reynolds’ character begins to use weapons from the Disney universe, such as a Star Wars lightsaber and Captain America’s shield. The filmmaker revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “With all due respect to Cable, once you have access to a lightsaber and Captain America’s shield, it’s very, very difficult that nothing can compete against them.”.

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Levy called it like “the most iconic arsenal of popular culture”, but they also had the luxury of having Chris Evans for a fun cameo. Seeing the figures achieved so far Disney is already thinking of a direct sequel, in the words of Ryan Reynolds, who assured that there is already an interest.

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