French Police fire rubber bullets at migrants who were preparing to cross the English Channel

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French police fired rubber bullets at immigrants to prevent them from crossing the English Channel into the UK, advises Daily Mail.

The incident occurred on the night of September 22, in the port city of Dunkirk as eight Iranian Kurdish citizens were preparing to set sail on a ship.

According to the migrants, the firing officers laughed as their wounded companions fell to the ground, two of the victims had to be taken to hospital with fractures.

French authorities they have opened an investigation because the incident is considered the first case of weapons tactics to prevent the launch of a migrant boat, reports the British media.

Earlier, British Home Secretary Priti Patel threatened to withhold the £ 54 million (approximately $ 73 million) that the United Kingdom pays to the French Government for patrols on beaches in northern France, if the flow of immigrants is not reduced.

So far this year more than 17,000 people They have made the crossing of the English Channel in small boats.

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