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Fresh & Felicia's Innovations in the Digital Age

Fresh & Felicia’s Innovations in the Digital Age

Fresh and Felicia

Fresh and Felicia’s Crafting Fun YouTube Channel

Making do-it-yourself projects fun and accessible with innovative, tech-savvy crafting tutorials.

Our goal is to inspire creativity and make crafting accessible to everyone, no matter where they are, or their skill level.” — Felicia Fresh, CEO MELBOURNE, FL, UNITED STATES, July 3, 2024 / — Fresh and Felicia, the dynamic Gen-X power couple known for their innovative content, are excited to announce the launch of their groundbreaking DIY Crafting Series. This new series is set to revolutionize traditional DIY projects by transforming them into interactive, shareable digital experiences perfectly tailored for today’s tech-savvy audience.

Felicia Fresh, with over 20 years in corporate communications, and Chuck Fresh, a seasoned radio and television host, bring their combined expertise to this unique series. Each episode will feature step-by-step tutorials, insider tips, and creative ideas that are easy to follow and fun to share on social media.

“We’re thrilled to bring home-based crafting to a wider audience,” says Felicia. “Our goal is to inspire creativity and make crafting accessible to everyone, no matter where they are, or their skill level.”

The DIY Crafting Series will cover a wide range of projects, from home décor and holiday decorations to personalized gifts and upcycled fashion. Viewers can expect high-quality production, engaging tutorials, and a friendly, approachable style that Fresh and Felicia are known for.

“We believe that crafting should be a joyful and inclusive experience,” adds Chuck. “Our series is designed to bring people together, spark their creativity, and provide a fun escape from the every day.”

The series will be available on Fresh and Felicia’s YouTube channel and their website, with new episodes released weekly. To kick off the series, they will host a live virtual crafting event where viewers can participate in real-time and showcase their creations.

For more information, visit or follow Fresh and Felicia on their social media channels.

About Fresh and Felicia
Felicia Fresh is a corporate communications specialist with over 20 years of experience in producing trade shows and managing website development teams for a Fortune 500 company. Chuck Fresh brings 20+ years of marketing management, advertising, and professional copywriting experience in radio and television. Together, they create engaging, high-quality content that appeals to a wide audience, from Gen X and Boomers to Millennials and Gen Z.