Frida Sofía assures that Enrique Guzmán tried to bribe her to withdraw the lawsuit against him

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Frida Sofía assures that she does not seek revenge, but justice for what she had to live for due to a lack of protection.

For Frida Sofía, there is no going back. The model and singer wants to take the lawsuit she filed against her grandfather, Enrique Guzmán, whom she accused last April of having sexually abused her, to the last legal consequences, this during a long and highly commented interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante .

And it is that what was intended to be a conversation for Frida to clarify many of the things that had been saying about her since her public dispute with Alejandra Guzmán broke out, took a 180 degree turn when the model released the story of abuse.

Since then, the Guzmán-Pinal clan has had to face a severe affront on social networks and media.

And although Enrique Guzmán has come out to defend himself repeatedly, in addition to having denounced his granddaughter for defamation, Frida assures that her grandfather has sought her out to withdraw the lawsuit against him.

In a new video released on social networks, Frida Sofía revealed that Enrique Guzmán has offered her money.

More details, in the video above.

“… I am not a person who sells himself to tell his life and call it exclusive, it was not an exclusive that I sold, it is the reality of what my life has been and it is not for sale. These traumas often remain asleep, hidden in the mind of the world, but when you have been attacked in every possible way, while in front of the show business you lead a perfect life … “, he assured.

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