Frida Sofía legal actions against Enrique and Alejandra Guzmán

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Frida Sofía legal actions against Enrique and Alejandra Guzmán

The family scandal Guzman go on and Frida sofia takes a step in justice against his mother and grandfather.

For weeks Enrique He has passed it from interview to interview to do everything in his power to clean up his image. In addition to having already started a legal process against her granddaughter, although until now Frida had refrained from making a formal complaint to date.

Through a forceful video in Instagram, the singer revealed her intention to bring her family to justice. “COMPLAINT. Official statement of complaint against ENRIQUE AND ALEJANDRA GUZMÁN”, headlines the clip.

“Filing a complaint is the way to prove the facts. Today I reiterate my decision to initiate legal actions against Enrique and Alejandra Guzmán for the various events that I was subjected to and that marked me, and they affect me every day of my life. I’m looking for justice, not revenge. “

He continued: “It hurts me deeply to be in this merely legal and personal situation with the woman I have loved the most and who gave me life.”

“Abusers are always charismatic, manipulative and very good actors and that is why people dare to doubt or protect them when someone denounces them.”

Learn about the rest of his statements and what he said to his mother in the video above.

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