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Friend of LAMH’s Keke Jabbar Reveals Her Cause of Death at Age 42

As loved ones mourn LAMH star Keke Jabbar, a friend has reportedly clarified the circumstances surrounding her death.

The tragic news shocked all those who knew and supported Keke. Despite her cousin LaTisha Scott’s request for privacy, fans of the show have speculated about the fate of the reality show regular. A YouTuber named JoAnn Jenkins, who claimed to have a close friendship with Keke, addressed questions about what happened to her.

On Wednesday, the vlogger tearfully shared alleged new details about the beloved wife and mother during a YouTube livestream.

“Keke did not overdose, Keke did not take her own life. Keke loved life. Keke was not ready to leave life. She wasn’t ready to leave her children, her husband, or her family,” the content creator declared.

Jenkins referred to Keke as her sister and shared a theory about what led up to her last moments. She described a freak accident that began with Keke’s tendency to regularly “go to sleep wherever.” According to Jenkins, when the OWN star was working on a car problem in her garage, she once again nodded off.

In what Jenkins called an “official statement from the family,” she claimed Keke’s husband found her in the car the next morning.

“So, seven-something this morning, her husband goes to the garage. He sees Keke, what he thinks is asleep in the car. He tries to get her attention. He opens [the car] up. She isn’t breathing,” Jenkins said.

“Her husband, her life partner, her best friend, tried to bring his wife back, the mother of his children, and he couldn’t. Keke passed from carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s it. That is all. My sister didn’t want to leave this Earth, she didn’t want to leave her kids. She didn’t want to leave her husband. There was no turmoil going on in her life. She had a lot of great things to look forward to,” she stated.

The announcement about Keke’s death was also delivered on YouTube on Tuesday. On behalf of the Jabbar Family and the Scott Family, Marcella Speaks confirmed that “she passed away peacefully at home surrounded in love.”

LAMH dedicated Saturday night’s episode to her memory.

According to Eurweb, the funeral service for Keke will take place on Monday, July 8.

Our condolences go out to Keke Jabbar’s family and loved ones.

Source: BOSSIP, Eurweb