Friendly welcome: the fun trolling from Amazon Prime Video to HBO Max by the SnyderVerse

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After the first announcements at the beginning of the year, the streaming service HBO Max It is now available in Latin America with its incredible catalog of series and movies from this Tuesday, June 29. As is often the case, platforms greet each other in a friendly way on social media, and in this case Amazon Prime Video message came with a SnyderVerse trolling. Look it here!

Among the content library of the new service that has just arrived in Latin America, we have everything from DC Comics Expanded Universe, as well as Zack Snyder’s cut from Justice League. As we know, Warner Bros. formally announced that the director will no longer be part of any creative process within the franchise, so his vision of the future of films is completely scrapped..

Upon learning of this decision, fans of DC and the filmmaker launched a new internet campaign under the hasthag “#RestoreTheSnyderVerse”, with the goal of getting the company to reconsider Snyder’s opinion. For the moment WB’s answer has been negative, since it was leaked that he censored the actors of the production company so that they do not refer to this issue.

With this in mind, many fans are waiting for the situation to be reversed, just as when the event was finally announced. Snyder Cut in March 2020. That is why Amazon Prime Video took this on his official Twitter profile to welcome him to streaming: “Welcome, Uncle @HBOMaxLA. I have a question for you: When’s the second Snyder Cut movie?”.

At the end you see an emoji of a face sticking out its tongue to complete the trolling, since so far there is no clue that leads us to think that Warner will make the second part of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Meanwhile, you will be able to see everything that has been made of the DCEU on the platform, as well as the content of the brands HBO, Warner Bros., Max Originals y Cartoon Network.

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