Friends arrived in Latin America and HBO Max recreated Central Perk to celebrate it

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The world of sitcoms as we know it today, finished consolidating its foundations thanks to two productions: Seinfeld and Friends. The world is divided between the staunch defenders of one and another production, who every time he leaves a platform because his rights are terminated generates discomfort among the audience. The great news is that in the case of Friends came to HBO Max and it will stay there forever.

With the appearance of HBO Max Since June 29 in the region, the ten seasons of Friends became available on the platform. In addition, the 236 episodes of the series are accompanied by the special meeting that was recorded by the platform, which marked the first time that the six protagonists of the series met again in front of the cameras after the end of the fiction. To celebrate, the company recreated the Central Perk and added some iconic details from the series.

Gladys, Phoebe’s painting

Gladys sticks out of the frame in Phoebe’s play. (Fede Carestía)

In one of the corners of the place was the famous (and gloomy) work of art designed by Phoebe, Gladys, by which Monica and Rachel They fight to see which of the two was not going to keep it. Seeing her friends confronting each other, the character played by Lisa Kudrow decided to create a new piece of art which he named Glynnis, so that each of them had one. The episode in which he appears is the sixth of the tenth season.

Joey’s Ceramic Dog

pat the dog friends joey

Pat the Dog came to the series through Jennifer Aniston. (Fede Carestía)

Known as Pat the Dog, this ceramic dog was acquired by Joey after moving in with his first big contract in Days of our Lives. The animal, which came to the series because a friend of Jennifer Aniston gave it to her, it first appeared in episode 17 of the second season, when Eddie moves in with Chandler.

The most famous sofa in the world

sofa central perk friends

The sofa, an emblem of Friends. (Fede Carestía)

Since the debut of Friends In September 1994, there was a piece of props that became an icon: the sofa. The furniture housed thousands of stories and anecdotes in each meeting that the protagonists of the series had in Central Perk. His role in the series was so important that there was even an episode in which the joke went through how two strangers took the place away from Ross and Chandler, who sought to recover it and challenged them to fight in the street. “The One With the Bullies” was the 21st episode of the second season.

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