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Fritz Repeater 1200AX: AVM donates mid-range WLAN repeater Wi-Fi 6

AVM is releasing the Fritz Repeater 1200 as the Fritz Repeater 1200AX. Externally, both models are identical with compact dimensions of 80 mm × 80 mm × 38 mm, but inside there is a new processor and a new WLAN module. Instead of Wi-Fi 5, there is therefore Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) for setting up a mesh radio network.

The maximum gross transfer rate increases with the change from almost 1.3 to 3.0 Gbit / s if you combine the two bands 2.4 and 5.0 GHz and operate the latter with a channel width of 160 MHz. For radio transmission uses the Fritz repeater 1200AX two MIMO streams. AVM is positioning the already available Fritz Repeater 6000 with four MIMO streams and an additional 5 GHz band above it.

The AX version of the Fritz Repeater 1200 also has a Gigabit Ethernet port. You can use it to connect a wireless device such as a PC or NAS to include it in the wireless network, or to set up an access point on a Fritzbox with the repeater.

AVM will deliver the Fritz Repeater 1200AX from November 2021. The recommended retail price is 90 euros – 20 euros more than the manufacturer recommended for the earlier 1200 when it was launched two years ago. The Fritz Repeater 1200 (without the addition of AX) is now available in stores from just under 60 euros.


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