From another galaxy! Mark Hamill’s salary in Star Wars: Episode VII

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Mark Hamill personified the young man Luke Skywalker during the original episodes of Star Wars. The hero would go from living on a farm with his uncles on Tatooine to being a member of the Rebellion and facing the Intergalactic Empire. Along the way, he would learn the secrets of the mysterious Force from the Jedi Knights, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. Luke always saw the positive side of things and that will led him to bring his father, the villain Darth Vader, back to the path of light.

George Lucas completed the story of the Skywalkers when he presented the three prequels where the life of Anakin Skywalker. In this case, Mark Hamill did not participate in the action. Then, Disney bought Lucas the brand Star Wars and with those rights he dedicated himself to expanding the universe of the Jedi and Sith. The history of the franchise changed forever.

Luke Skywalker’s impressive check

The House of the Mouse had planned a lot of content related to the saga: the movies Han Solo and Rogue One more animated series and other live action such as The Mandalorian. However, the strongest bet was a trilogy subsequent to the one known to fans of the saga. The first film of that series is The Force Awakens for which it was summoned Mark Hamill.

The actor did not want to participate in this project and made it a condition that they also take part Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. He assumed that the interpreter of Indiana Jones I’d say no Surprise! They were all above the seventh inning of Star Wars and they would receive salaries according to the “scale by legacy“who handles Disney where one charges in relation to the importance it has within the film.

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Surely no one in history received as much money for turning around with a worried face, for 30 seconds, as Mark Hamill. It is worth clarifying that his scene with Rey at the end of Episode VII thrills. The check? Almost 3 million euros for receiving the young protagonist on a distant planet and leaving the door open for a sequel that would advance that relationship.

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