From Bath Bombs to Perfume: 7 Hemp Beauty Products

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Hemp is not a new word in the world of cosmetics: the oil of this plant has been used since ancient times as a natural and effective means of moisturizing the skin. But cannabis became a really fashionable ingredient in the beauty industry a couple of years ago due to the widespread decriminalization. In a number of US states, the use of marijuana is completely legalized, in some European countries, the use and storage of small amounts of “weed” are turned a blind eye. 

​All this allows more research and discovery of new properties of cannabis, not only as of the component of Delta 8 cartridges but also as a valuable cosmetic source. So, hemp oil perfectly moisturizes the skin and copes with the restoration of the hydrolipid layer. Products with this ingredient can have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, help with increased sebum production and soothe skin. So, let’s have a look at seven fashionable canna products in the beauty industry.

1. The hand cream by The Body Shop

The hemp series are perfect for very dry skin and as a spot treatment for particularly affected areas of the body such as elbows, legs, or feet. Considering that regular handwashing and antiseptics are our new reality, protective cream with panthenol or hemp oil can be a real salvation.

2. Kiehl’s face serum

The brand’s new product is a dense serum with a pleasant but intense aroma and hemp seed oil. It is suitable for all skin types, including problem skin, but for oily skin, it may be too dense.

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3. Shine Is face mask

The mask with small apricot granules works on two fronts: gently exfoliates the skin and moisturizes it. Hemp and shea oils fight flakiness and dryness of the face. Considering that few people benefit from sitting at home in front of a laptop, a mask can become a real quarantine salvation for depressed skin.

4. Shower Gel by Malin+Goetz

The brand has a complete series dedicated to cannabis. The pearl in it is an Eau de Parfum with a recognizable, thick, and enveloping scent. Therefore, you will have to save yourself with a gel for washing your hands (or body) — the aroma is tangible just like in Delta 8 disposable, and definitely more interesting than the usual peach or rose.

5. Balenciaga scent

This is not a very intense perfume suitable for home use and warm seasons. Fans credit it with the scent of freshly cut grass, spring garden greenery, and a wet garden after the rain.

6. Bath bomb by Adorn

A good alternative to the Lush bath bombs in case you have tried all the variants of the British brand. The cone foams in water just as easily and quickly and dissolves, leaving behind an unobtrusive scent of a shady garden with dense moist greenery.

7. Body balm by Le Couvent de Minimes

A dense body balm can be loved for just one minimalistic black jar, which will fit into any interior, but inside there is a thick cream that spreads easily over the skin, instantly moisturizes it, and leaves a clear scent of “luxurious life” on it.

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