From friendship to romance: timeline of the relationship between Zendaya and Tom Holland

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The couple of the year? Tom Holland and Zendaya put an end to years of rumors about their relationship and in the last hours they confirmed that they are immersed in a romance. The actors did not officially announce it, but they were seen kissing in Los Angeles and there were no doubts. The photos ended with a long list of versions that began since the actors agreed on Spider-Man: Homecoming. Review the chronology complete!

It all started in 2016, when the artists were cast in the new Spider-Man movie in their roles as Peter Parker and MJ, respectively. With very similar ages (he 25 and she 24), they quickly hit it off off set and the first public photo together is before the premiere: in a pool in July 2016. From that moment, fans already began to suspect that there was something between them.

Holland and Zendaya in July 2016 (@ tomholland2013)

In subsequent months of that year, they shared more moments publicly. They attended their first red carpet together, appeared on the cover of The Hollywood, and visited a children’s hospital to cheer on sick children.. At that time the actress referred to her partner, but only said that he was a “honor” work with he.

In the middle of 2017, when the film was released and viewers noticed the enormous chemistry between them on screen, rumors of a courtship became irrepressible. “They started seeing each other while filming ‘Spider-Man'”, then stated an article in People that highlighted “the same sense of humor” that the partner has. The versions reached the ears of the protagonists and they had to go out to clarify the situation.

Zendaya posted a tweet where she made fun of the news. “My favorite is when they say we’re going on vacation together HA! I haven’t been on vacation in years!”, said the interpreter of MJ. Holland responded to that post with a funny occurrence and said: “Do tours count as vacations?”


After the release of Spider-Man, the rumors subsided and the Euphoria actress took up the subject again in an interview. “He is literally one of my best friends. These last few months we have had to do press tours together. There are very few people who understand what that is like in their 20s “, recognized about the commonalities of two young stars worldwide.

Their public appearances were less and less and, except for Tom’s famous Umbrella dance or the birthday wishes of one to the other, they stopped sharing moments that feed their possible relationship. Even, Different love relationships that both artists had came to light.

Zendaya and Tom Holland in 2017 (Getty)

Zendaya had a short courtship with her Euphoria partner, Jaco Elordi. While Holland was dating Ellicia Lotherington, Ella Purnell y Nadia Parkes. However, Marvel fans wanted the on-screen couple to move into real life and it finally happened.

After five years of speculation, Page Six got photos that are more than telling: actors kissing in a car in Los Angeles. The news was very well received by the public and according to a Spoiler poll, 56% “it drives him crazy” that your favorite performers are dating.

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