“From Life in a Container to Lingering Fears: A Story of Overcoming Adversity”

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Frank Cuesta Returns to TV with New Project ‘Wild Highways’

Frank Cuesta, famously known as ‘Frank from the Jungle’, has returned to television after a three-year hiatus. He presented his new project ‘Wild Highways’ on El Hormiguero. The show takes the format of a ‘road trip’ where Frank travels to different countries to explore their culture, fauna, and gastronomy. During his break from television, Frank revealed that he left because he was bored with the forced nature of programming. However, with Wild Highways, he is having fun and enjoying the experience.

Frank’s Reclusive Lifestyle with Nature

Frank lives surrounded by nature and animals in the outskirts of Bangkok, where he has been creating his own sanctuary on 35 hectares of land. He confessed to feeling more comfortable with animals than with people and that he has become increasingly reclusive. Frank lives in a container on a truck, and he avoids visitors as he does not like having women or friends who can betray him. He only talks to his pet otter, Sparks, who understands him and with whom he can share anything he wants to say.

Frank’s Human Side

Despite his tough reputation, Frank has a human side. He became the main support to his ex, Yuyee Alissa Intusmith, after being sentenced to 15 years in prison for allegedly trafficking 0.005 grams of cocaine. Yuyee served six years and now works with Frank in the sanctuary. Frank has become a pillar of support in her recovery, although she has many fears and flaws due to her time in prison.

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Frank’s Visit to a Terminally Ill Boy

During his time in Spain, Frank traveled to Murcia to visit eight-year-old Martín, who has terminal cancer. Martin enjoys watching Frank’s videos on animals, and he asked Frank where his animals were upon seeing him. The meeting was an unforgettable experience, and it showed the kind-heartedness of Frank.

In conclusion, Frank’s reclusive lifestyle and his love for animals have become the center of his life, and he enjoys sharing this with others through his new television project ‘Wild Highways.’

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