“From Love and Adventure with Girlfriend Johanna Zott to the Profound Influence of his Father: A Riveting Tale”

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My girlfriend

For the first time, Pablo Urdangarin has pronounced the magic words literally to refer openly and openly to Johanna Zott, the girl who has conquered the heart of the 22-year-old and who is his official partner in the face of public opinion.

We have seen them together on several occasions, especially when she has gone to see him play, and now more than ever it seems clear that their relationship is not a flash in the pan.

The complicity of Pablo Urdangarin and Johanna Zott after a game

Pablo Urdangarin and his girlfriend Johanna Zott

The son of the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin has opened up like never before about some lesser-known aspects of his life, such as the fact that he loves to share time not only with his girl but with her relatives. In addition, he also refers to the influence or not that his father had when it came to dedicating himself professionally to handball, at a key moment in his career after leaving FC Barcelona and signing for Fraikin Granollers.

Irene Urdangarin and Johanna Zott, two well-off sisters-in-law

Johanna Zott

King Felipe’s nephew reveals that, off the courts, “I like to make plans with my girlfriend and her family, a little of everything,” he confesses in an interview with Efe. In addition, “I have cousins ​​in Barcelona and I do things with them” to feel more supported by their family, he adds. That her passion for sport is a fact is evident in the fact that she also practices “basketball and paddle tennis” in her spare time, she points out.

Johanna Zott and the Infanta Cristina, together to cheer on Pablo Urdangarin

The Infanta Cristina with her son Pablo and his daughter-in-law

Now at home, Pablo Urdangarin is more into watching movies and television series than reading: “I recently saw one on Netflix, Night Agent, and I watch a lot of movies, I’m a fan,” he says. Regarding his profile on social networks, he says that “within what fits, I prefer to keep my private life to myself. I follow the people who interest me, my friends, my family…” and his account is shielded only for those closest to him.

The images that show that Pablo Urdangarin has been a star at Barça

Pablo and Irene Urdangarin

Regarding their past, present and future in the League Asobal, the grandson of Juan Carlos I and Mrs. Sofia expresses emphatically that “I have the head to get where I want to be.” He explains that he didn’t start playing to follow in his father’s footsteps, though he acknowledges that “people are going to compare me to him, and I don’t like it, but I get it.” In this sense, he remarks that he has “learned a lot” from his father and that he has grown up with handball.

The images of Pablo Urdangarin, with a splint and on crutches, after his injury

Pablo Urdangarin with his father, Iñaki

About his beginnings, remember a curious fact and that is that Iñaki Urdangarin retired before he was born: “I’m from 2000 and he retired that summer, when my mother was pregnant with me. I haven’t seen him play, but what they tell me is that It was very good”. As for the next season, Pablo admits that he is lucky not to be forced to leave Catalonia and in this way he will continue “close to my people, and I will be more comfortable, but I do not rule out (someday) going abroad, we’ll see “, apostille.

Iñaki Urdangarin’s plan with his son Pablo that shows how united they are

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