From Maluma to Miguel Ángel Silvestre: Belén Esteban, queen of selfies on Instagram

From Maluma to Miguel Ángel Silvestre: Belén Esteban, queen of selfies on Instagram

To this day, no one doubts the closeness of Belén Esteban. The best known as the people’s princess has become one of the celebrities more natural on the national scene, a simplicity that he shows day after day through the set of Save me. The ex Jesulín de Ubrique has no qualms about showing her fans what her idols are, of which she also speaks wonders. Proof of this are its famous selfies. The collaborator has made it a trend to take photos with those public figures for whom she feels devotion. Some images that he later shares on his Instagram with his million followers, who reward Andreíta’s mother for being so transparent through her social networks and showing such and how her day-to-day is without the need for “filters” or “posturing ” of any kind.

On the last occasion, Belén Esteban wanted to share with her fans one of her last selfies. LThe princess of the town has been the envy of Instagram for a few minutes when publishing an image with Miguel Ángel Silvestre, which in a matter of hours has reached more than 30,000 “likes” and the reactions of the fans of both, who seemed delighted with this friendly union. For his part, the interpreter of El Duque has stated the good relationship that exists between him and the collaborator with a comment: “You are a Belén heaven!”, He wrote.

But this has not been the only publication that the collaborator of Save me has shared with his followers. Showing the great admiration he feels for Rosalía, that of Paracuellos was one of the lucky ones who posed with the singer in one of her concerts, thus starring in a carousel of snapshots in which both appear even embracing.

Within the field of music, another of the artists who has attracted attention in the feed Belén’s Instagram has been Maluma. After a concert by the Colombian, Esteban took the opportunity to photograph himself with him in a photocall. An image that has already become part of his great string of snapshots together with celebrities.

And if that was not enough, The former bullfighter also had the opportunity to take a photo with Daddy Yankee. The singer is one of the best known singers internationally, and in fact, his work in music marked a before and after in the reggaeton genre. Reason enough for this selfie It has become one of the great achievements of Belén in social networks, echoing this on Telecinco’s own page.

Who has also starred in several selfies of the social networks of Belén Esteban has been Álex González. There have already been several times that the actor has seen publicly with the collaborator, and each time one of these encounters takes place they both photograph him so that it remains for posterity.

Taking into account the great success that the series has had The Good Doctor For the chain, Belén Esteban has not missed the opportunity to be photographed with the great protagonist of the production: el actor Freddie Highmore.

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