From meeting on Facebook to getting married 20 months later: Mónica and Chico’s love story

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A history of love became known during the health emergency product of the coronavirus, which has as protagonists Mónica (46) and Chico (52), two people from Spain who had parallel lives for more than 4 decades, but it was not until 2020 that fate brought them together and, finally, after 20 months of relationship that began in a group of Facebook, they decided to join their lives in marriage captivating everyone the users of the social networks.

Fulfilling the mandatory isolation measures, both decided to join the group #Stay at home, which was created to accompany all those people who were forced to stay at home with nothing else to do and better deal with this situation that tends to generate stress or boredom.

They talked for many hours, they became affectionate, until, in the midst of the drama that the current pandemic has meant, both found the most tender love. In the middle El Español, Monica revealed: “He told me: ‘you’re going to fall in love with me and you’re going to marry me. And so it has been “.

20 months after starting their romance, during this week they went up to the altar to give themselves the “Yes I accept”: “We were 50, the just ones: family, close friends. It was not a mess, but everything turned out perfect. It has been beautiful (…) We still don’t know where we are going to go, we are pending restrictions, the pandemic, but we want to celebrate it by going on vacation “, asserted the brand new bride.

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But what were they both doing before they met? Monica makes nougat at Antiu Xixona, while A boy works in the construction industry assembling facades in supermarkets, as well as placing posters on the roads; However, the distance separated them since she resides in Alicantewhile he in Alcoy, 45 minutes away by car.

The crush began when in the aforementioned group of Facebook they both agreed in a post: “They asked where we were from. I said about Alicante, he replied that about Alcoy (…) I thought: ‘Well, well’, without much enthusiasm “, report Monica.

In fact, she emphasized that Chico tried to contact her: “He wrote me a private, invited me to a virtual evening (…) ‘What nonsense’ I thought (…) What do I do with this man? Thought”, just to add that it was in this way that love began to emerge, with long hours of endless conversation when, suddenly, perhaps without realizing it, they began to have an emotional relationship.

It was then that the gallant decided to take another step, traveling to see her in person: “He played it. Under Alcoy a Alicante to know me, they could have fined him and I wasn’t sure if he would come, but he told me: ‘You’re going to fall in love with me’ (…) My daughters were delighted “. Love, as well as the blessing of their loved ones, led to the romance between the two being very serious.

The truth is that, initially, They had decided to get married in September, but many objected. However, sure of their feelings, they arranged their papers and this week they both managed to get married.

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“My sister told me: ‘Put him in the group of Facebook‘. Right now, the post has 9,000 likes. It was all very nice (…) I said that either I was getting married before the end of the year or I didn’t, that I’m already very old. We have not wasted time “, sentence Monica to The Spanish.

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