From Netflix to the competition: another actor from La Casa de Papel who becomes the star of Amazon

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After four seasons of pure success, The Money Heist comes to an end. On September 3, Netflix will premiere volume one of what will be the most dramatic and long-awaited season of the last year since, on this occasion, The Professor and his band are cornered by the Civil Guard, the army and Inspector Sierra herself. . Although, as is known, it will only be on December 3 when the last five episodes close the story definitively.

So much so that, as the editions of The Money Heist and, between the time that passed to be able to film another, the actors of the cast began to break new ground. In fact, now that they will no longer have to be part of the gang of the most famous robbers in the world, many of them are in charge of different projects that, most of them, are broadcast by Netflix’s competition: Amazon Prime Video.

A few months ago it transpired that Álvaro Morte, the interpreter of El Professor, leaves the streaming giant to star Unlimited, a joint blockbuster between TVE and Amazon. But now, who followed the head of The Money Heist and Jaime Lorente, who gave life to Denver in all the seasons of the strip, and who will return to the last edition, also switched to the other on-demand service.

Jaime Lorente in his role as El Cid. Photo: (Amazon)

On December 18, 2020, the actor premiered on Amazon El Cid, a series based on the adventures of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, a medieval name and military chief from Burgos. The fiction, which was a success, was renewed for a next season in January and, it will be next July 15 of this year when the new chapters of this production arrive on the platform to put Lorente back in the skin of El Cid .

In fact, a week ago, announcing that “the sins of the parents will be paid by the children”, The Netflix competition shared the official trailer for the second season of El Cid. Very different from The Money Heist, this new edition will delve into Ruy’s duty, in medieval battles and, in turn, in how the aristocratic brothers fight among themselves to keep all the family inheritance.

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