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From Ninette to Captain JJ Collins, Elsa Pataky through her characters

There is less to see again Elsa Pataky on the big screen in a movie that promises, Interceptor. The Madrilenian has gotten into the skin of a military member of the United States Army, a role for which she has had to prepare physically and in which she shows that at 45 she is still very fit. On Interceptor is JJ Collins, a woman of action who is not afraid of facing the worst, hence the fight and risk scenes are very present in the film.

“I am happy to have been able to make an action movie with full adrenaline, with a character of a tough and strong woman. I had to train at a higher level than I am used to to gain muscle mass. It has been quite a challenge, learning the fights and trying to do all the scenes that I could without doubles, and I am very proud ”, she commented a few days ago to ‘Hello!’.

If she now plays a woman with arms to take, throughout her career Elsa Pataky has given life to a great variety of women, showing that she is a very versatile actress. A special mention deserves the tape Ninette, by José Luis Garci, in which she was the main protagonist, receiving a lot of compliments.

But if there is a saga that has made her famous, it is Fast & Furious. After taking a role in the fifth installment of the films, released in 2011, giving life to Elena Neves, a Brazilian police officer, Elsa managed to be a recurrent and got to participate in the next four films of the franchise, Fast & Furious 6 (2013 ); Fast & Furious 7 (2015); Fast & Furious 8 (2017). Of course, her filmography does not end there and Elsa Pataky has also been part of films such as 12 brave, Snowflake, DiDi Holyywood or series like Afterclass, Queen of Swords O The Serrano.

After meeting the one who is her husband today, the actor Chris Hemsworth, the Madrilenian began to be even better known in international circles, hence it is also her radius of knowledge in the international market, hence she is also the image of different foreign brands. Despite the fact that both Chris and Elsa work especially on Hollywood films, they live a long way from what is known as the mecca of cinema.

Several years ago they decided to pack their bags and move with their three children, India Rosa, Tristán and Sasha to Australia, the home country of the protagonist of Thor. The decision was not easy, especially for the Spanish, as her husband confessed in an interview: «In any area of ​​Australia, people practice all kinds of professions. And then there’s the laid-back, warm, and welcoming attitude. I wanted my children to be influenced by all this too. (…) I needed to bring her here and show her all this. Once I have done it, the difficult thing is to get him to leave here.

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