“From Oscar Nominee to Entrepreneur: A ‘Raging Bull’ Actress Ventures into Hollywood’s New Business Frontier”

Robert De Niro and Cathy Moriarty Celebrate ‘Raging Bull’ 25th Anniversary

Robert De Niro and Cathy Moriarty attended the celebration for the 25th anniversary and collector’s edition DVD release of ‘Raging Bull’ at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City. The photo captures their arrival at the event.

Cathy Moriarty’s Hollywood Debut with ‘Raging Bull’

Despite not being a household name, Cathy Moriarty had a memorable debut in Hollywood. Her first role was in Martin Scorsese’s ‘Raging Bull,’ the acclaimed 1980 boxing film starring Robert DeNiro as Jake la Motta. Moriarty played Vickie La Motta, Jake’s wife. Her performance earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress, making her a newcomer to the industry.

Moriarty’s Career Post-‘Raging Bull’

After ‘Raging Bull,’ Moriarty’s career mostly consisted of comedies or family films like ‘Kindergarten Detective,’ ‘Matinee,’ and ‘Casper.’ While her career may not have reached the heights expected after her debut, Moriarty took a break in the 2000s to prioritize her family and children.

Expanding into Other Ventures

Cathy Moriarty decided to venture into other areas beyond acting to leverage her Hollywood status. She opened a culinary business in the 90s alongside chef Richie Palmer. They opened Mulberry Street Pizzeria in Beverly Hills, using Moriarty’s connections in Hollywood to attract stars like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frankie Valli, and Mickey Rourke as customers.

Moriarty’s Skills in the Kitchen

Not only did Moriarty utilize her name to promote the pizzeria, but she also showcased her cooking talents in the kitchen. Reviews of Mulberry Street Pizzeria praised Moriarty’s skills in preparing New York-style Italian dishes. The restaurant became a successful, expanding to multiple locations in Los Angeles and even Las Vegas.

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Moving Away from the Pizzeria Business

When Moriarty and Palmer ended their relationship in 1997, her involvement in the pizzeria business diminished. She returned to acting in 2010 but focused on less notable productions. Despite this, Moriarty remains a fan of the pizzeria and continues to attract celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, who frequently visits and brings his Hollywood friends to try the dishes.


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