“From the book to the right”: a very hard setback against María Eugenia Vidal for her electoral campaign

The journalist and driver, Reynaldo Sietecase, starred in a new radio show with his partner, Ernesto Tenembaum. Both put the axis of the debate in the “right-wing from Maria Eugenia Vidal“In the middle of the campaign at legislative elections 2021. The communicator maintained that the candidate for deputy on the Buenos aires city on Together for Change is carrying out it so as not to lose votes before Javier Milei.

“The right-wing of María Eugenia Vidal, to run so as not to lose votes,” summed up the host of the Immense Minority on Radio Con Vos. To which Tenembaum added that it was something “very violent” taking into account the ex-governor’s book ´Mi Camino´ launched this year with self-criticism of her management. “From the book he wrote from consensus to the radicalization of the campaign,” he completed.

For his part, Sietecase added: “It will be this of trying not to miss Milei’s votes.” His partner confirmed his theory and added that “there is a sector that sees it soft and is hardening Fernando Iglesismo without falling into that.” At that point, he compared it to the phenomenon in Madrid where the right wing positions itself as anti-progressive because it is a way of obtaining votes, it generates an effect.

“Trying that the traditional right does not lose rights to the more extreme right. Deep down there is a society that is moving to the right ”, said Tenembaum. “Of course, if not, it would be a bad business. At the beginning, we suggested that everyone had to moderate a bit when Alberto Fernández arrived ”, the program’s host completed and stated that“ there is a sector that is “more right-wing” or conservative and is wearing the progressive discourse ”.

Finally, Tenembaum referred to the Buenos Aires head of government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and indicated that he continues to speak of consensus and an agreement with Peronism as the central axis. “How much is your electoral base going to pressure you to move from that line?” He asked himself and replied: “I don’t know.” “He says he is not going to move and maintains that restraint that they have moved. His list is not at all moderate, “he concluded.


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