Fuel cell car: Toyota has sold 222 Mirais since March

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From March through July of this year, Toyota put 222 units of the second generation of its Mirai fuel cell cars on the streets in Germany. The Japanese automaker announced that never before had so many hydrogen-powered vehicles been registered in such a period. A total of 525 Toyota fuel cell vehicles are now on the road in Germany.

In March of this year, Toyota started delivering the 5 m long Mirai II sedan in Germany. It differs from its predecessor, among other things, in the rear-wheel drive. Unlike its predecessor, which has been delivered in Germany since 2015, the new Mirai is fun, according to heise Autos recently.

The car is being built at the Motomachi plant in Toyota City, the annual production capacity there “has been significantly expanded” to meet the increasing demand. it says in a Toyota announcement. The basic version of the Mirai costs 64,000 euros.

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, a total of 981 hydrogen-powered cars were registered in Germany at the beginning of July; at the time there were a total of 48.5 million cars, 440,000 of which were purely electric and 426,000 were plug-in hybrids. A year earlier there were 630 hydrogen cars, three years ago 358.

Harmonious shapes instead of manga design: the Toyota Mirai II looks more pleasing than its predecessor. There have also been significant improvements from a technical perspective. The price: From 63,900 euros.
(Image: Christoph M. Schwarzer)

According to the company H2 Mobility, there are currently 92 hydrogen filling stations scattered across Germany, serving a demand of 16.5 tons. 15 more petrol stations are not to be added later. According to Toyota, the Mirai’s tank, which holds 143 liters, is made of carbon fiber; it is just as safe as other fuel tanks for diesel or natural gas. In May, Toyota wrote that the Mirai had once covered a distance of more than 1000 km on one tank of fuel.

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Welcome to Toyota. Everything is easy to use, and the build quality is very high. A dispenser with disinfectant and brand logo can be found in the center console of all of the Japanese’s current test cars.
(Image: Christoph M. Schwarzer)


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