Attack on Titan Memes 2022: We Bet You Will Die Of Laughter

attack on titan memes

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular shounen anime series, if not all of anime. It has a huge fan base all across the world, as evidenced by the massive quantity of fan art, cosplay, fanfiction, and memes that have sprung up around it. Attack on Titan is a manga and anime series that tackles serious, life-threatening subjects, yet these eight memes will test your ability to contain your laughter. Here is some Attack on Titan memes that are both funny and entertaining.

Hilarious Attack On Titan Memes

Titan vs. Mosquitos

 Funny Attack on Titan Memes

Titans regard us, small people, as either tempting morsels or bothersome bugs, depending on whether we oppose them. As shown in the image above, which is from Attack on Titan season 2, many soldiers of the Scout Regiment ambush the Armored Titan. It is also iconic in its own way, having appeared alongside the Colossal Titan in the first episode and later shown to be a person like Eren who can shift. Despite this, the image is amusing because of the words above the characters and their relevance to the setting.

Titans are being destroyed by humanity

 Funny Attack on Titan Memes

The above meme is fantastic for a variety of reasons. The tagline, for starters, is a spin on the meme “Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping,” which is actually a quote from the film Mean Girls. Second, the two people in the car are dressed like the iconic Colossal Titan, but the flower garlands around their heads soften their menace.  However, in the setting of the Attack on Titan television series, the Colossal Titan was revealed to be yet another human that can morph like Eren. However, it was its presence that sparked various events in the series, making it legendary.

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Humanity’s most valuable soldier

 Funny Attack on Titan Memes

Despite the fact that the Shonen series is primarily intended for boys, they can appeal to girls for a variety of reasons, one of which is the attractiveness of the male characters. So, while Attack on Titan has its fair share of handsome teenage lads, Levi Ackerman is a fan favorite. Levi is a captain in the Scout Regiment’s Special Operations Unit (aka Survey Corps), whose job is to venture outside the walled settlements and confront Titans in the name of humanity in order to reclaim the land.

He is considered humanity’s strongest soldier because he is capable of killing multiple Titans at once. In the first season episode “Special Operations Squad: Eve of the Counterattack, Part 2,” he and the rest of the Special Operations Unit went through the labor of cleaning an entire castle with the rest of the Special Operations Unit.

Doesn’t Skip the First Opening

 Funny Attack on Titan Memes

Boromir’s famous “One does not just go into Mordor” phrase is one of the many quotable lines from the Lord of the Rings movies that have become so popular on the Internet that it has been featured in a number of memes. So, as you can see in the above meme, someone chose to mix this sentence with Attack on Titan. Though Boromir’s face has been replaced with that of a Titan, what makes the meme even funnier is that “Walk into Mordor” has been substituted with “Skip Attack On Titan Opening,” meaning that one shouldn’t skip the opening sequence of every Attack on Titan episode. This is understandable because practically every opening sequence is visually stunning, with accompanying music.

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Potato Girl the Fictional Character

 Funny Attack on Titan Memes

Aside from Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, Attack on Titan has a large cast of supporting characters. However, given the high number of deaths in each episode, it’s difficult to become attached to any of them. Sasha Braus, who goes by the moniker Potato Girl, is one of the few who has survived the longest. 

Because she had the audacity to eat a potato during a Cadet training session in the first season episode “A Dim Light Amid Despair: Humanity’s Comeback, Part 1,” she became an incredibly popular character who was used in a number of hilarious Attack on Titan memes, such as the one above, in which she’s been superimposed into the stomach of a Titan who swallows Eren whole.

Eren, Eat a Snickers Bar

 Funny Attack on Titan Memes

Eren Yeager is the definitive main character of Attack on Titan, therefore he naturally receives the most attention. Following his mother’s death at the hands of the Titans after their invasion of his home district, he joins the military with his childhood friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlelt in order to get revenge on the Titans. However, early in the first season, it is revealed that Eren possesses the capacity to turn into a Titan when his life is in jeopardy. So it’s humorous to compare that to the classic Snickers Bar commercial, in which someone acts crazily until they consume the candy bar.

3 a.m. Titans

 Funny Attack on Titan Memes

While a single Titan can be lethal, it pales in comparison to the destruction and carnage that a group of Titans can wreak. As a result, dealing with them alone is unwise. However, in the second season episode “Southwestward,” a group of Titans ambushes Castle Utgard, forcing the Cadets inside to defend themselves, which is where the above image comes from. The captions above each person in the photograph, including the Titans and the lone Cadet Nanaba who is being attacked by them, make this terrible situation hilarious. Not only does each statement describe something relatable, but the meme as a whole depicts all we might think about late at night.

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Okay, Annie

 Funny Attack on Titan Memes

After Eren’s Titan transformation ability was revealed, it was discovered that he wasn’t the only one. He meets others who can turn into Titans in the Attack on Titan seasons that follow, beginning with Annie Leonhart in the first season. Annie, despite her cold exterior, had a violent streak as the Female Titan, murdering people left and right in order to get her hands on Eren for a hidden goal. As a result, the above meme is amusing since it incorporates lyrics from Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” which is performed by the girls from the musical slice-of-life anime K-On! Annie’s reaction is also fantastic.

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