Future traffic light coalition is allegedly arguing over digital

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The SPD, Greens and FDP should not yet agree on the future responsibilities of the ministries of the future federal government. Last week, during a meeting with Federal Chancellor-designate Olaf Scholz, the party leaders were unable to agree on the competencies of the Ministry of Transport and Digital, which is to be led by the FDP, reports the Handelsblatt.

Ministries that were slammed into the SPD and the Greens are supposed to hand over power to the designated FDP Minister Volker Wissing. The duties of the previous Minister of State for Digital Affairs are to be transferred from the Chancellery to the Transport Department. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, which the Greens are supposed to lead, is also relinquishing competencies to the Ministry of Transport. Wissing said on Sunday according to Handelsblatt, also the “digitization check” of laws agreed in the coalition agreement belongs in his ministry.

Tasks could also be up for grabs in the SPD-led interior ministry: e-government, digital society and IT security. However, there is a lack of willingness to hand over these tasks, according to the report.

According to the coalition agreement, four of the 15 ministries will change their names and thus their field of activity. The SPD gets a new one with the building ministry. The election of the Federal Chancellor is planned for Wednesday in the Bundestag, who must lay down the ministry layout in an organizational decree.

So far, party congresses of the SPD and FDP have approved the coalition agreement, the Greens are to follow on Monday. The contract states that digital skills in the federal government are to be “reorganized and bundled”. What the future coalitionists mean by this was left open. They could not agree on a digital ministry, as many experts had called for.

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Instead, there is talk of a “digital budget” and a “digitization check” that can go to the Ministry of Transport. The largest investment budget would already be managed there, plus the future issues of connected and automated driving, new drives and fuels, and new mobility services.


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