Gabriel Basso’s: The Night Agent Star in Movies and Series on Netflix

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The Night Agent Takes Netflix by Storm

Since its premiere on March 23, 2023, “The Night Agent” has quickly become one of the most popular English-language series on Netflix. Created by Shawn Ryan, the show stars Gabriel Baso as Peter Sutherland, a low-level FBI agent who becomes embroiled in a conspiracy involving high-ranking U.S. government officials. With just over a week of broadcast, the series has already amassed more than 168 million hours watched and is currently in the Netflix Global Top 10, surpassing other popular shows such as “You” season 4, “Shadow and Bone” season 2, and even “Wednesday.”

The series comprises 10 episodes full of tension, where viewers don’t know who to trust. If you’re not familiar with Gabriel Baso, we’ve got you covered. We’ll break down which other titles he has worked on.

Where Else You Might Have Seen Gabriel Basso

Gabriel Basso has been acting in series since he was very young, although many of his roles have been supporting ones. In 2009, he played the fake Eddie in an episode of “iCarly.” The following year, he landed one of his first lead roles in “The Big C.” Here are some of the other series where he’s acted:

  • “The Night Agent” (2023) as Peter Sutherland
  • “The Red Road” (2014) as Brian Rogers
  • “Perception” (2012) as Billy Mitchell
  • “RL Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series” (2011) as Teddy
  • “Scared Shrekless” (2010) as a teenager
  • “The Big C” (2010-2013) as Adam Jamison
  • “The Middle” (2010) as Rodney Glossner
  • “Eastwick” (2009) as Elliot
  • “iCarly” (2009) as the fake Eddie
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Gabriel Basso on the Big Screen

Gabriel Basso is no stranger to the big screen and has even worked alongside big names such as Glenn Close, Tom Hanks, Amy Addam, Steven Spielberg, among others. He played JD Vance in “Hillbilly Elegy,” where he looked much different from his role in “The Night Agent.” Here are some of the other films where he’s acted:

  • “Hillbilly Elegy” (2020) where he played JD Vance
  • “The Whole Truth” (2016) where he played Mike Lassiter
  • “American Wrestler: The Wizard” (2016) where he played Jimmy Petersen
  • “Anatomy of the Tide” (2015) where he played Kyle Waterman
  • “Ithaca” (2015) where he played Tobey George
  • “Barely Lethal” (2015) where he played Gooch
  • “The Hive” (2014) where he played Adam Goldstein
  • “The Kings of Summer” (2013) where he played Patrick Keenan
  • “Super 8” (2011) where he played Martin Read
  • “Alabama Moon” (2009) where he played Hal Mitchell
  • “Alice Upside Down” (2007) where he played a member of the drama club
  • “Meet Bill” (2007) where he played a child with cancer

If you’re a fan of “The Night Agent” or Gabriel Basso, be sure to check out these other titles!

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