Gabriel Jesús Silva, the boy who found a Christmas tree in a garbage can and his life changed forever

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At just 12 years old, Gabriel Jesús Silva, a boy from Brazil, works collecting waste in garbage dumps near Pinheiro, his hometown. However, the little boy has become a trend around the world for a photo where he can be seen rescuing a small tree from Christmas 30 centimeters, after which his history touched more than one in the social networks.

The shot was made by a AFP agency photographer Joao Paulo Guimaraes, with which millions of people have wondered in what conditions this child belonging to the most affected economic strata in the Rio de Janeiro country.

The photograph shows Gabriel bare-chested, wearing only blue shorts, while with his two hands he holds the little tree from the base which he looks at with great attention. In the background, 8 adults can be seen rummaging through the garbage dump.

The The boy is aware that his discovery will not give him or his family a better quality of life., but he does know that it is a symbol of hope, especially on these Christmas dates: “I never had a Christmas tree at home”, he detailed.

Your home is in Pine, in the state of Maranhao, in the northeast of the South American country, which has been raised with adobe, with the roof covered of straw (although in some parts the light from the outside filters), in which he lives with his mother and his two brothers.

The austere home, at least this one 2021, it will have a different decoration due to the small christmas tree, which has a golden star on top of it, decorated with colored balls, as well as garlands.

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After the photo went around the world and went viral, the family of Gabriel has received many donations from good-hearted people: “Thank God we have received enough food baskets to spend Christmas more comfortably”, said the mother of the child, Maria Francisca Silva (45).

In fact, the various donations allow the family to dream of a common goal that they have pending, which would be none other than being able to build a solid house, to the point that they managed to acquire a hydraulic pump, which was possible due to a gift of 500 reais ($ 89).

They not only received money and food, but also toys: “My favorite gift is the bicycle”, he claimed Gabriel with a lot of emotion.

However, beyond the moment of joy produced by the image, the truth is that the life of Gabriel, his mother and his brothers is not easy, quite the opposite, because the least You must help your mother by collecting recyclable waste in the garbage dumps..

“If I leave him on the street, he can smoke drugs, do things he shouldn’t. He helps me, I am careful not to follow a bad path. He is a good boy, he always wanted to help me “, expressed Maria Francisca.

Photography has changed the little one’s life Gabriel, because both he and his family have not only had a stroke of luck, they also experience an improvised fame that does not bother the minor: “People don’t leave me alone, they look for me all day. They want to take pictures, ask questions “.

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