Gaby Castillo from Falling in love in prison: why was she detained and what is her relationship with the Tepito Union

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Falling in love”, The extinct reality of couples from Tv Azteca, is one of the Mexican programs that has generated the most controversy due to the lives of its former participants. This time, an alleged criminal connection has once again put the name of the show in the eye of the storm, after the arrest of one of his “love affairs” was revealed.

The protagonist of this scandal is Gaby castle, who recently changed his name to “Briela Sanz” for his debut in the music industry. The young woman is known in the media not only for her participation in the reality show hosted by Ana Patricia Gámez and Rafael Araneda, but also because of his relationship with people from the underworld.

Last monday January 3, the young woman was arrested while driving a vehicle of dubious origin. Find out all the details below.

According to information shared by the reporter Carlos Jimenez, Castillo was detained by members of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City when he found himself circulating in the vicinity of Tlatelolco aboard a truck with one of the members of the Soto family, who are dedicated to car theft:

“They arrest Gaby Castillo from falling in love. The ex-girlfriend of El Lunares de La Unión was detained by intelligence agents from @SSC_CDMX. I was with one of the fraudsters of the Soto family, dedicated to stealing luxury cars with bad checks “, Carlos wrote in his account Twitter.

What alarmed the authorities was the cost of the truck in which they were traveling, so they decided to question them and when they did not obtain specific information, they proceeded to arrest them. The results of the investigation showed that The vehicle was acquired with a bad check on December 14 by Los Soto, the family gang of scammers that operates throughout the Aztec country.

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In addition to knowing the origin of the car, the members of the SSC found drug packages inside the truck, as well as a firearm. The influencer and the man were taken to the Investigation Prosecutor’s Office located in the Doctores neighborhood, where the investigations will continue.

Shortly after the tweet made by Jiménez, a woman recognized the artist’s photo and publicly denounced it for theft, stating that it was she who received her vehicle. To back up your version, the username Tania guzman attached a photograph that shows an electronic transaction for 140 thousand pesos.

Gaby has been related on two occasions with members of the criminal organization “La Unión Tepito”. The first one he was linked with was Óscar Andrés N ‘The polka dots’, a leading drug lord who is currently in prison with a sentence of more than 27 years for carrying out criminal activities such as kidnapping, extortion, murder and drug distribution.

According to the journalist Antonio Nieto, from the medium “La Silla Rota”, the singer was also a couple of Mauricio N ‘The Chicken’, a hitman from the same organization that threatened to kill her on several occasions until she shot her car. Mauricio was imprisoned four times for crimes such as homicide, until he was assassinated in 2019.

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