Gaby Salazar, Franco Escamilla’s wife: who is she and Instagram photos

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When talking about Mexican comedians, it is inevitable that the name of do not float because the artist has developed a successful career in the world of stand up and music. His captivating personality has made him one of the public’s favorites for more than 14 years.

Escamilla is very close to his followers in Instagram, where it accumulates more than 6.3 million followers. In his profile he shares snapshots related to his work, as well as his family, one of the protagonists being his wife Gaby salazar, who is also famous on social media.

The full name of the comedian’s wife is Gabriela Salazar Ojeda, although she is better known as Gaby salazar. She is 39 years old and a psychologist by profession. The couple met in adolescence, more than 20 years ago and today they are the parents of two children named Blue and Rodrigo. They recently completed 14 years of marriage and hope to continue together for much longer.

In one of the daily outings they had as friends, the comedian took the opportunity to play a joke on Gaby that ended in their first kiss. The young woman did not expect this action from Franco, so she returned home confused and thinking about what happened, especially because during that time she had a boyfriend.

By having a close bond, the psychologist knew the personality of the musician, so she avoided illusions and took it as something unimportant. Soon after, her partner found out about the kiss, which caused a breakdown in their relationship and ended up single.

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At the end of that year, she decided to give Escamilla the opportunity, who for some time had shown his interest in her, although deep down she felt that they would not prosper. The young I was afraid that he would not take their courtship seriously and that ended up destroying what they had formed; However, Franco did not give up and asked her to come back, as many times as it took until she began to feel safe in the relationship.

In 2007, the couple decided to get engaged, although their financial situation was not the best. That was how one April 13, the showman asked for his hand in the Merequetengue bar, while doing a comedy show. Gaby happily accepted and the end is told by itself.

The marriage took place in the same bar where they got engaged, not only because it had a sentimental meaning for the couple, but also because they did not charge the rent when it was done on a day when few people attended. In this way, the cost of crockery, tables and chairs were saved.

The restaurant cook gave them the labor, so they only had to pay for supplies a modest price of 40 pesos per plate. The music was in charge of the salsa group that performed at the venue, who charged 600 pesos for an hour and a half of fun. Franco’s sister gave them the dessert table and a friend brought music for the rest of the night. Finally, the decoration was donated by an aunt of the bride.

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Despite managing a tight budget, 220 people enjoyed their union that night. There was only one thing they did not skimp on: Gaby’s dress. Although they did not have a honeymoon planned, they were able to go on a trip to Cancun for a small cost, since the comedian had broken his leg days before his big night.

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