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Gal Gadot Channels Old Hollywood in Voluminous Velvet Dress

Gal Gadot Stuns at The Landmark Event by Tiffany & Co.

Gal Gadot was the star of the show at The Landmark and the Tiffany & Co. event, held in New York on April 27th. The actress dazzled in a chic-style velvet dress with a bandedau cut that flattered her silhouette and fell gracefully to her calves. She accessorized the outfit with a pair of stunning stilettos adorned with jewels on the tip, made by Gluseppe Zanotti.

Hairstyle and Makeup

For her hair, Gal chose a smart bun parted in half, giving a stylish appeal to the whole outfit. In addition, she kept her makeup minimal, with clean lines and a nude lipstick. She topped off the look with a thin bracelet on her left hand.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The event took place a day after the Ribbon Cutting ceremony for The Landmark by Tiffany & Co. in the city center. Gal was spotted wearing a long beige leather coat over a matching suit for the occasion, before accessorizing her outfit with expensive diamonds from the Tiffany & Co. brand on her neck and ears.

Tiffany & Co.’s Blue Book Collection

Last year, the Wonder Woman actress was announced as the face of Tiffany & Co.’s high-end Blue Book collection, named the Botany. The unique high jewelry collection is inspired by nature, crafts, and the wonderful creations of French designer Jean Schlumberger. Gal Gadot’s involvement has helped the brand reach new levels of glamour and sophistication, becoming a memorable icon in the world of luxury jewelry.

In conclusion, Gal Gadot’s appearance at the Tiffany & Co. event was nothing short of exceptional. Her outfits, makeup, and accessories were all perfectly coordinated and came together beautifully, highlighting her unique sense of style and elegance. Her involvement with the brand has been beneficial, showcasing Tiffany & Co.’s unparalleled craftsmanship and reputation as one of the top luxury jewelry brands in the world.

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