Galaxy S24 may retain Google search instead of Bing

Widgets are an essential aspect of an Android terminal, where apart from organizing applications, they can be used to add different elements to the home screen. The Google widget is one of the most important tools that users have on their Android phones, and it allows people to find what they are looking for much faster than mobile apps. However, concerns arose when rumours circulated that the Samsung Galaxy S24 could use Bing instead of Google as its default search engine.

These rumours sparked alarm within the Android community, as Google has always been the default search engine for Samsung devices. However, new reports suggest that Samsung may be keeping the Google widget after all. These recent developments contradict earlier reports that suggested Samsung would be switching to Bing for its devices.

Google’s Bard has been making progress, and as the Mountain View company integrates the new search engine into its products, users’ experiences are expected to improve. Nonetheless, Microsoft’s ChatGPT has also made significant strides in improving Bing’s performance. While the two search engines have their respective strengths, it is integral to note a widget’s optimal performance depends primarily on the search engine it uses.

It is unclear how Samsung will utilise the Google widget in its forthcoming devices, but what is clear is that the company is committed to providing users with the best service possible on their mobile phones. Ultimately, Google Chrome will continue to be installed on Android terminals, and it will remain one of the most popular options, given its widespread use.

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